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Jalen Hurts ‘feels fine’ despite putting on knee brace at halftime during Eagles’ win over Dolphins

PHILADELPHIA — Jalen Hurts was walking off Lincoln Financial Field with a noticeable limp on his left leg after the Philadelphia Eagles‘ convincing victory over the Miami Dolphins. Whether the injury affected Hurts’ ability to move in the pocket or run the football is to be determined.

Hurts put a knee brace on his left leg at halftime, but after Philadelphia’s 31-17 win on Sunday night, he wouldn’t go into any detail about a potential injury. He came out of the locker room as the second half kicked off but he didn’t miss a snap.

“I feel fine,” Hurts said when he was asked how he was feeling. “Happy how we responded, especially coming off of last week. It was a great opportunity and a great team win. That’s a great team out there. I have a lot of respect for them. I think we played really good complimentary football. Negative plays with the fumble by me — I can’t have that.

“Just happy how we played together. Happy how we persevered.”

When asked how he felt physically, Hurts didn’t say much. The Eagles quarterback said he’ll “be fine” but also was asked whether the knee brace will be a problem. 

“I hope not,” Hurts said. 

Eagles coach Nick Sirianni wouldn’t elaborate on Hurts’ injury or what he was dealing with. Sirianni did admit Hurts is playing through something, even if he didn’t mention the extent of the injury with the team’s franchise quarterback. 

“He played the rest of the game and played at a very high level,” Sirianni said. “I thought he played really outstanding. Man, he is a competitor. There is nobody else I would rather be our quarterback. He played his butt off tonight. He’s tough.

“You all saw that he was going through a little something. So he is tough. He is tough, tough. This game always comes down to physicality and toughness. Always does. No matter what. Because it’s hard, and that’s physical and mental toughness, and Jalen Hurts has both.”

Hurts finished 23 of 31 for 279 yards with two touchdowns and an interception (109.5 passer rating), with 11 carries for 21 yards and a touchdown. After throwing a pick-six in the second half, Hurts finished 10 of 13 for 115 yards and a touchdown for a 128.7 rating on the next two drives, leading to the Eagles’ touchdowns in a 31-17 victory. 

It appeared Hurts was playing through something in his left leg Sunday night. How it affects the rest of his season will be determined going forward. The Eagles host NFC East rival Dallas Cowboys next week at Lincoln Financial Field.

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