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ACC football schedule: New model, opponent list through 2030 released with additions of Stanford, Cal, SMU

Under the new format, ACC teams will face each other at least twice over the next seven years

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The ACC enters a new era beginning in 2024 with the arrival of California, Stanford and SMU, bringing the conference’s total number of teams to 17. As such, the league has updated its scheduling model for the next seven years (through 2030). The new model will also protect 16 annual matchups.

ACC teams will play eight conference games per season in the new format with all 17 teams facing one another at least twice over the next seven years — once at home and once on the road. The ACC’s current 14 teams will play the two California teams three times over the seven-year period, and none will travel west in consecutive seasons. 

“We are extremely excited to welcome Cal, SMU and Stanford to the ACC and look forward to having them compete beginning in the fall of 2024,” said ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips in a statement. “Throughout the entire scheduling model process, the membership was incredibly thoughtful and purposeful in building a creative, flexible and aggressive conference scheduling model while keeping the student-athlete experience at the forefront. The excitement and anticipation for our teams, alumni and fans will undoubtedly build as we look ahead to the future of this incredible conference.”

The number of games between teams over the seven-year period varies wildly with contests being played anywhere between two times and seven times. Two notable rivalries going away yearly under the new format are Clemson’s games against NC State and Georgia Tech. The Tigers will face the Yellow Jackets four times between 2024 and 2030 and NC State three times during the same span. The NC State-Clemson annual game is going away in order to allow NC State to play Duke, North Carolina and Wake Forest annually.

The conference will also continue without divisions, which it first implemented this season, and the top two teams based on conference winning percentage will continue to compete in the ACC Football Championship Game. 

Protected matchups

The new scheduling model protects 16 annual matchups, including two that have been restored from the previous divisional format (Miami-Virginia Tech, NC State-Wake Forest). The list of protected matchups can be viewed below: 

  • Boston College: Syracuse, Pitt
  • Cal: Stanford, SMU
  • Clemson: Florida State
  • Duke: North Carolina, NC State, Wake Forest
  • Florida State: Clemson, Miami
  • Miami: Florida State, Virginia Tech
  • North Carolina: Duke, NC State, Virginia
  • NC State: Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest
  • Pitt: Boston College, Syracuse
  • SMU: Cal, Stanford
  • Stanford: Cal, SMU
  • Syracuse: Boston College, Pitt
  • Virginia: Virginia Tech, North Carolina
  • Virginia Tech: Virginia, Miami
  • Wake Forest: Duke, NC State

ACC football schedules 2024-2030


Credit: The ACC


Credit: The ACC


Credit: The ACC


Credit: The ACC

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