Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Eagles’ Kenneth Gainwell regrets replying to fan criticism during game: ‘They’re the ones that care about you’

PHILADELPHIA —  Philadelphia Eagles running back Kenneth Gainwell knew he kicked the hornet’s nest by replying to a fan on social media, along with the repercussion of that decision. Of course, it had to be at halftime of a football game he was playing in. 

Gainwell didn’t avoid the topic of addressing the fan on social media, five days after the incident occurred. 

“I usually check my phone at halftime,” Gainwell said at the NovaCare Complex Friday. “I usually check [on] my parents or check [on] my girlfriend. Just [checked] the wrong thing and got mad. I was already upset with myself and fumbling right before halftime. 

“It was something that I shouldn’t have done. I took a stand for it and know I gotta be better.”

Gainwell had a crucial red zone fumble at the opponent’s 3-yard line when the Eagles were trailing by double digits in the first half to the Washington Commanders. That was part of an afternoon which Gainwell finished with two carries for -4 yards.

Responding to the fan at halftime made Gainwell’s day even worse, especially once it went viral on social media. Gainwell knew he shouldn’t have responded to the fan that sent him a direct message, especially when it’s just one fan trying to spew negativity. 

“Man, nowadays, our whole life is based off social media,” Gainwell said. “It’s kinda tough for us, but you gotta pass the negativity. You gotta continue to show love for the fans. They’re the ones that care about you.”

This season has been tough for Gainwell as a whole. First ,he lost his starting running back job to D’Andre Swift due to an injury in the first week of the season, and really hasn’t been effective since his return. 

Gainwell has 153 rushing yards and is averaging 3.0 yards per carry in seven games. Among the 41 qualified running backs, Gainwell is 40th in yards per carry. Among the 107 players who have 10-plus carries since Week 4, Gainwell is 96th in yards per carry (2.4).

Through it all, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni has Gainwell’s back. He’ll be out there carrying the football as the back the Eagles trust the most in short-yardage and late-game situations.

“I’m just here to do a job and to do that job as well as I can,” Gainwell said. “When I’m on the field, I know I’m one of those guys, I know I’m one of 11. I kind of just try to hold my ground and continue to stay positive through everything.”

As for responding to direct messages from random people on social media? Safe to say Gainwell learned his lesson. 

“I just try to not respond and just leave that where it’s at,” Gainwell said. “That’s gonna always happen, we can’t control that. Everybody got an opinion, it’s just how we respond.”

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