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Texas Rangers unveil 2023 World Series rings with unique reversible top, reference to perfect road record

In keeping with the ancient laws of combat, the squadron that wins the World Series is rewarded with not only an implied heavyweight-championship title belt but also an actual World Series ring. Speaking of which, on Saturday the Texas Rangers, victors of the 2023 World Series, received their shimmering finger-crowns. 

Right up front, here’s a slickly produced look:

All Rangers players, coaches, and on-field support staff from last season receive one – roughly 60 folks in all. In advance of the ring ceremony, the club released the following details about the ring: 

Starting off, there are 103 blue sapphires on the top of the ring to signify the total number of wins in 2023 (Regular and Postseason), while the 23 red rubies on the ring represent the year the Rangers won the World Series.

On the alternate top of the ring, the 49 points of rubies represent the number of players who held a spot on the active roster in 2023.

Removing the top reveals 11-0, the team’s 2023 postseason road record. There is also the slogan “ROAD Dominance” written using the logos of the four teams the Rangers beat away from home to become champions.

The 11 stones on the face of the Rangers logo represent the number of postseason wins on the road. The 52 points of diamonds in “CHAMPIONS” honor the first World Championship in the Rangers 52- year history.

There are 16 emerald cut diamonds to recognize the number of consecutive postseason games in which the Rangers hit a home run.

90 stones circling the side of the ring represent the number of regular season wins in 2023.

There is one diamond in the World Series trophy to represent the first championship in franchise history. The 3mm stone inside the trophy is to call out the number of American League championships the Rangers have won.

Three diamonds on the player side represent the three pillars of baseball of the organization—”Compete with passion, be a good teammate, and dominate the fundamentals.”

The 72 points of diamonds on the border of the bezel represent the year the Rangers moved from Washington, D.C. to Arlington, Texas (1972).  And 30 stones on the inner bezel represent the 30 home runs the team hit during the postseason.

2.33 carats on the side of the ring represent the 233 home runs the club had during the regular season.

Each ring will also include a small covering of a baseball that was used in the 2023 World Series between the Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks.

Inside the shank the player’s signature is engraved as well as the postseason series records and the phrase “AS ONE.” 

Obviously, that swappable top merits a closer look and expert demonstration in state-of-the-art technicolor: 

That 2023 championship marked the first ever in Rangers franchise history. With a strong returning roster and a future Hall of Famer in Bruce Bochy pulling the dugout levels, Texas has plausible designs on a repeat and, thus, a second big ol’ ring. 

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