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Kendrick Bourne latest Patriots player to criticize ‘The Dynasty’ docuseries’ portrayal of Bill Belichick

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Kendrick Bourne is the latest member of the New England Patriots, current and former, to come out against the docuseries “The Dynasty” for its portrayal of Bill Belichick. The series chronicled the franchise’s 20-year run of success, headlined by six Super Bowl championships, but also highlighted its demise and bumps along the way, which painted the former head coach in an unflattering light. 

That anti-Belichick theme sparked a response from several Patriots players with the likes of Devin McCourty, who was featured in the series, even saying he felt like he was “duped.” Now, Bourne has entered the fray with his take on the series that many have perceived to be a hit piece against Belichick. 

“I think it’s awful too, honestly,” Bourne told “It’s just a lot. It made Bill look bad and I love Bill. I love everything he stood for. It was just kind of crazy how it made him look and it seemed like a lot of misunderstanding and confusion that was going on. I enjoyed seeing the history and learning about the history. It’s always dope to learn about history. But, they tried to swing it one way or the other and it didn’t have to be like that.

“I was kind of on the fence about it because I love the history part, but I hate how they made Bill Belichick look. I hate how they tried to make it look divided. I think every team goes through that, but when you’re a dynasty and you win a lot people still try to discredit it.”

Because the name “Kraft Dynasty LLC” appears at the end of the credits of each episode, folks have pointed to Robert Kraft possibly using the series to take aim at Belichick. That said, Kraft himself was critical of the 10-part series, saying earlier this offseason, “I felt bad that there was so much emphasis on the more controversial and, let’s say ‘challenging’ situations over the last 20 years. I wish they had focused more on our Super Bowl wins, our 21-game win streak.”

The Patriots and Belichick decided to part ways back in January and the club has since installed Jerod Mayo as its next head coach. 

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