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2024 NFL Mock Draft: Wide receivers, offensive linemen make up half of Round 1’s 32 selections

The 2024 NFL Draft is deep at WR and along the offensive line, which will lead to an offensive-heavy opening round

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The 2024 NFL Draft is going to make history. 

There has never been an NFL draft to have any of the the following three things below occur in the Common Draft Era (since 1967):

  • Four quarterbacks selected within the first nine picks
  • Three wide receivers selected within the first eight picks
  • No defensive players selected within the first picks 

In the sixth and final Podell Mock Draft, all of those three things take place as wide receivers (seven) and offensive linemen (nine) comprise half of the first round’s 32 picks, and offensive players make up 20 of the 32 selections. It sounds absurd, but that’s where the talent is at the top of the 2024 class, which is reflective of football’s best athletes shifting toward the offensive side of the ball as the game continues to tilt more and more offense friendly every year. We’ll find out if yours truly can retain the crown for sports media’s most accurate NFL Mock Draft, according to FantasyPros, for a second year in a row come Thursday night. 

Cheers, the 2024 NFL Draft is just days away. 

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