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LOOK: Joe Burrow spotted throwing at Bengals practice facility as QB works his way back from wrist injury


It is something all Cincinnati Bengals fans will be happy to see: Quarterback Joe Burrow back on the football field. On Monday, the Bengals social media account tweeted a video of their QB1 sporting his No. 9 jersey and carrying cleats as he walked into the indoor practice facility.

“It’s happening,” the post read.

Burrow didn’t just make a grand appearance, he actually took part in some drills.

Burrow’s seasons have been cut short multiple times due to injuries. Last season, Burrow suffered a right wrist injury in Week 11 and underwent surgery in November to repair a torn ligament. At the time, it was expected that he would make a full recovery and his positive updates, paired with his return to the field are in line with that expectation¬†

Last month, Burrow gave an encouraging update on his recovery, saying, “I’m doing the rehab every day. That’s always a part of it. As far as my offseason training, it hasn’t really affected it too much. I’ve been able to pretty much do everything I normally do from a lifting and conditioning standpoint. I’m in a great spot body-wise.”

He continued, saying, “I’m confident I’ve put all the work in I need to make sure I’m healthy. I’m continuing year to year to better hone that and make that more efficient. Maybe listen to my body a little more throughout the offseason and not push through things that maybe I have in the past. I’m just starting to learn my body more and more.”

Burrow being healthy is huge for the Bengals and has been critical for their success. When Burrow has played at least 16 regular-season games, the Bengals season has ended in double-digits wins and they have reached at least the AFC Championship.

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