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Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft had a long, ‘sincere’ conversation during Tom Brady’s roast, Drew Bledsoe says

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Everyone who watched the Tom Brady Roast saw Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft take a shot together. However, the New England Patriots‘ former coach and the team’s longtime owner also shared a private moment not recorded on camera. 

Drew Bledsoe, the former Patriots quarterback who took part in the roast, said Kraft and Belichick had a long conversation in the green room that no one else was privy to. 

“Don’t know what was said, but it was a pretty sincere 15 minutes where they had a good long conversation,” Bledsoe said on “The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz” Monday. “There’s great mutual respect there, obviously. Most successful owner and head coach [combo] of all time. Obviously, Tom and the rest of that squad had a lot to do with that, but there’s still genuine respect there between those guys.”

Without knowing what was said between the two, it’s safe to assume that how Belichick was perceived on Apple TV’s recent documentary on the Patriots’ dynasty — which Kraft played a significant role in making — was potentially discussed, along with the report that Kraft allegedly told Falcons owner Arthur Blank not to hire Belichick (a Kraft spokesman has denied that report). 

To his credit, Belichick made light of the dynasty documentary situation when it was his turn at the mic during Brady’s roast. Kraft, though, apparently felt that he needed to publicly praise Belichick on Sunday night, which he did before the two did a shot together. 

Kraft has clearly felt the backlash of his treatment of Belichick since the two amicably agreed to part ways this past January. In fact, a report recently surfaced that Hall of Fame voters may continue to keep Kraft out of Canton, Ohio because of his recent treatment of Belichick, who will undoubtedly be fitted for a gold jacket sometime soon. 

Regardless of why, Kraft clearly felt compelled to mend some fences on Sunday night, and it appears that Belichick was receptive to his old boss’ sentiments. 

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