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Tom Brady Roast: Drew Blesdoe reveals his wife wrote the Gisele Bundchen joke, says he had one ‘far worse’

Gisele Bundchen is reportedly “deeply disappointed” by some of the jokes made at her expense during Tom Brady’s roast. One of those jokes came courtesy of one of Brady’s former New England Patriots teammates, Drew Bledsoe. The former NFL quarterback  revealed his wife is actually the one who came up with the joke. In fact, Bledsoe said he had prepared an even harsher joke than the one he ultimately used. 

“It was a replacement for a joke that I had written that was far worse,” Bledsoe said on “The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz” Monday. “But she said, ‘No, you can’t do that one,’ so she helped me write one that was a little bit more of a softball.”  

Bledsoe, however, wasn’t willing to share his joke that went unused. 

“We’re not going there,” Bledsoe said when asked about the joke. “(My wife) told me I couldn’t say it, then I’d really get in trouble if I actually told you the joke that she wouldn’t let me say.” 

Bledsoe didn’t use his joke, but the one his wife wrote ended up being one of the most talked-about moments from the night. 

“We’re talking about Tom Brady. You can’t really make fun of his career,” Bledsoe said on the “Dan Patrick Show” Monday. “So you have to dig deep. Can’t make fun of him for not winning, like, nine Super Bowls, so we had to jump into the personal stuff. It was pretty fun.”

Bledsoe’s inclusion in the roast was interesting given his history with Brady. Brady, after all, essentially took Bledsoe’s job after the latter suffered a serious injury early in the 2001 season. Brady continued to be the Patriots’ starting quarterback after Bledsoe was cleared to return to the lineup, and New England responded by going 11-3 during the regular season with Brady under center. 

Bledsoe got one last moment in the spotlight in New England, however, when Brady went down with an injury during the early stages of that year’s AFC title game. Bledsoe, who hadn’t played since getting injured way back in Week 2, threw a key touchdown pass while helping the Patriots hold off the Steelers to earn a ticket to the Super Bowl. 

On Sunday night, Bledsoe made it clear he’s moved past what was surely a trying time in his career. It probably helped that he runs a successful wine business with his family — a business the writers of the roast encouraged him to plug during his time at the mic. 

“I was hesitant,” Bledsoe said about promoting his winery. “But the writers actually threw the wine stuff in for me, which was great.” 

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