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EA Sports College Football 25 price: Breaking down cost for each edition as video game returns

EA Sports dropped its largest round of College Football 25 info yet Thursday morning. The gaming company took to social media to unveil a July 19 release date, cover art for multiple editions and purchasing information for those keen on securing a copy well ahead of time. 

Key to EA’s announcement is the fact there will be three separate editions available for fans to either pre-order or wait to buy on the date it officially hits stores: Standard, Deluxe and MVP. Each comes with its own unique set of content, and each is more expensive than the last. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the pricing for the three editions: 

Edition Price (USD)







The Standard Edition might be the most bare-bones in terms of additional content, but it will include the same base game and, ostensibly, the same modes available for those who aren’t willing to spend well into the triple digits. The Deluxe and MVP Editions provide boosts to those who prefer EA’s online game modes, which are often built around in-game purchases.

Sorry for those hoping to avoid microtransactions in the first college football video game since 2013 (which also had purchasable DLC and in-game currency), but it seems like further monetization will be front and center. The two editions beyond standard certainly offer plenty of bonuses for anyone looking to get ahead of the curve on that front. 

Deluxe Edition 

Perhaps the biggest perk of the Deluxe Edition is the fact that buyers will have access to College Football 25 three days before it launches. That means it will be playable from July 16-18, ahead of the standard July 19 release date. 

The Deluxe Edition also provides plenty of perks for Ultimate Team — a game mode where players can use cards to construct their own team and compete online against other gamers — including exclusive player and uniform packs and 4,600 “College Football Points,” which is likely an in-game currency used to purchase more packs or cards on the marketplace. 

MVP Edition 

Though the price point might be steep, this is one of the most robust bundles that a sports gaming franchise has ever offered. Those who purchase the MVP Edition will receive a copy of College Football 25 and Madden 25, EA Sports’ flagship NFL title. 

The MVP Edition also offers three-day early access for both titles, so fans can play College Football 25 on July 16 and Madden 25 on Aug. 13 before it comes out later in the summer. As with the Deluxe Edition, those who snag the MVP bundle get access to multiple bonuses for Ultimate Team in both Madden 25 and College Football 25. 

There do not appear to be any bonuses that apply outside of Ultimate Team, though EA hasn’t officially revealed any other game modes that will be available in College Football 25. 

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