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Jason Kelce believes NFL made wrong call on punishment from Tom Brady ‘Deflategate’ scandal

If Jason Kelce was running the NFL, Tom Brady would never have been punished for “Deflategate.” 

Kelce addressed the Brady four-game suspension (handed back in 2016) for deflating footballs on the “New Heights” podcast this past week, believing Brady shouldn’t have been suspended for four games. 

“I don’t even think Tom should have gotten in trouble for deflating footballs. I’m pro deflating footballs. I’ll say it. I’ll say it. I am pro deflating footballs,” Kelce said. “He outsmarted people. Why the f— does it matter how much air is in that motherf—–? 

“If you’re throwing it and catching it, who the f— cares?

The “Deflategate” scandal lasted over a year as the NFL decided a four-game suspension was just punishment for Brady under-inflating footballs, which was brought to the league’s attention after New England defeated the Indianapolis Colts by 38 points in the AFC Championship game. 

Brady even joked about “Deflategate” in his Netflix Roast special, roasting the league back when the NFL spent $20 million in an investigation that went to the Supreme Court.

“If they had given me the $20 million, I would have just told them I f—— did it,” Brady said

Kelce is on Brady’s side regarding the scandal, going as far as admitting any other team could have done the same thing Brady and the New England Patriots did. Those teams just weren’t smart enough to do it, in Kelce’s mind. 

“We’re all mad because he had the common sense to f—— take a little air out so the receivers could catch the f—— thing,” Kelce said. “Why is that against the rules? 

“Y’all could have taken the air out, too. You guys could have taken the air out, too. You just weren’t smart enough. So why am I getting penalized because you’re f—— dummies? 

“It’s a rule, but it’s a stupid rule, though.”

The NFL changed the guidelines toward pregame inspection of footballs, making the “Deflategate” punishment even sillier as the years have passed. Perhaps Kelce was onto something. 

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