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Muhammad Ali’s childhood home put up for sale after being converted into a museum


The childhood home of Muhammad Ali has been placed on the open market for sale. The two-bedroom, one-bathroom home is located in Louisville, Ky., and was previously converted into a museum.

The pink home went on the market on Tuesday along with two nearby homes for a total asking price of $1.5 million, according to the Associated Press. One of the homes was transformed into a gift shop, while the other was initially expected to be a short-term rental property.

Co-owner George Bochetto, who is a Philadelphia-based attorney and former Pennsylvania boxing commissioner, told the AP that finding a buyer that would keep Ali’s childhood home as a museum would be “the best possible result.”

“This is a part of Americana,” Bochetto said. “This is part of our history. And it needs to be treated and respected as such.”

Following Ali’s death in 2016, the museum opened and conducted tours. Bochetto and a business partner ended up renovating the home to how it looked like when Ali lived there with his family growing up. The Philadelphia attorney used old photos to help duplicate how the home looked and was furnished.

After being turned into a museum, the museum dealt with financial difficulties and was forced to close its doors less than two years after opening.

Bochetto also said that he received offers to move the home to Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Saudi Arabia, but ultimately turned those down. He’s looking to find a buyer with the “marketing and operational know-how” that will make the museum a successful venture once again.

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