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Best waterproof hats for all your summer sports adventures in 2024


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Don’t let rain (or sweat) stop you from enjoying all your favorite outdoor activities this summer. Whether you’re hiking through an unexpected storm, getting your daily run in on a drizzly morning, or squeezing in a round of golf on a rainy day, a waterproof hat is essential.

The best waterproof hats for summer keep the rain and sun off of your head while still being breathable so you don’t end up drenched in sweat instead of rain. If you live somewhere with a lot of summer rain, you might also want something that looks good enough to wear on the regular. No matter where or how often you plan to wear it, we found the absolute best waterproof hats you can get in 2024.

Best waterproof hat overall: Outdoor Research Seattle rain hat



The Outdoor Research Seattle rain hat is one of the most versatile and functional designs you’ll find, making it one of the best waterproof hats for almost any sport or activity. To make it waterproof, Outdoor Research added a Gore-tex shell.

The same material used in waterproof hiking boots and other premium waterproof gear, Gore-tex is uniquely designed to create a waterproof barrier that still allows air to pass through. It’s not as breathable as a hat without Gore-tex, but it’s more breathable than many other waterproofing materials.

The full brim provides wraparound rain and sun protection. It’s also lightly stiffened with foam so that the brim won’t flop down and stick to your face and neck in intense storms or high winds. So the rain will still roll away from you, no matter how bad the storm you’re caught in gets.

With an adjustable (and removable) chin strap, we also like this hat for biking, surfing and other sports where there’s a risk your hat could fly off of your head.

Get the premium performance waterproof hat from REI for $65.

Why we like the Outdoor Research Seattle rain hat:

  • A Gore-tex shell keeps rain out while still allowing some airflow.
  • The wide, full brim provides some neck protection and offers better sun protection.
  • An adjustable chin strap allows you to get a secure fit for high-intensity activities.
  • The durable hat can be folded or crumpled up to stash it in your bag when you don’t need it.
  • The UPF 50+ adds full sun protection along with rain protection.

$65 at REI

Best waterproof hat for golf: Footjoy Dryjoys Tour rain hat


PGA Tour Superstore

Some golfers stay home when it rains. The rest of us know that’s the best time to enjoy a near-empty golf course. Whether you’re taking advantage of the rainy day to beat the crowds or you got hit with an unexpected downpour halfway through, you want this Footjoy Dryjoys Tour rain hat with you.

The bucket hat style with a stiffened brim directs the rain away from you while the waterproof material keeps your head and face dry. A Velcro strap on the inside allows you to adjust the fit to your head. And when the sky clears up, you can crush this into a pocket in your golf bag without worrying about it losing its shape.

Get the waterproof golf hat at the PGA Tour Superstore for $35.

Why we like the Footjoys Dryjoys Tour rain hat:

  • The waterproof fabric keeps you dry.
  • With a full, stiff brim, the rain will roll off and away from you.
  • Use the Velcro strap inside to get the most comfortable fit.
  • Foldable and packable, you can shove this into your golf bag and it won’t lose its shape.

$35 at PGA Tour Superstore

Best waterproof hat for running or biking: Adidas Terrex Rain.Dry cap



For a high-intensity activity like running or biking, you need a hat that’s not only waterproof but lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable so you can stay comfortable while you work up a sweat. That’s the Adidas Terrex Rain.Dry Cap.

On the outside, it’s a waterproof baseball-style hat that sheds rain. On the inside, a moisture-wicking band absorbs sweat. So this waterproof hat has the power to keep you dry even when you’re sweating in the rain. Plus, it’s made from a thin, lightweight material and includes a buckle closure at the back so you can adjust it for a snug fit that won’t fly off your head, no matter how fast you’re racing (or cycling) through those rainy miles.

Get it from Adidas or Amazon while it’s on sale for $21 (reduced from $30).

Why we like the Adidas Terrex Rain.Dry Cap

  • Built for trail runners, this hat is lightweight and comfortable even when you work up a sweat.
  • It’s waterproof on the outside to keep the rain off your head.
  • A moisture-wicking band on the inside keeps the sweat out of your eyes.

$21 at Adidas $21 at Amazon

Best waterproof hat for water sports: Everyday California Floating Waterproof Snapback



Summertime is water time. Whether that means surfing, whitewater rafting or floating in a lake with a cold beer, you want a waterproof hat that stays put — but also is easy to find in case it doesn’t. This waterproof hat from Everyday California is the perfect sidekick for your water adventures.

It’s fully waterproof, durable and adjustable so you can get a snug fit. If the rapids or the party gets a little out of hand and your hat still manages to fall off, don’t worry. It floats, so you’ll easily be able to snag it from the water.

Functionality aside, this is also a stylish waterproof hat made from aviator flight satin and featuring Everyday California’s surfing bear logo on the front. It looks good enough to wear all summer long, even on days when there isn’t a body of water in sight.

Get the floating waterproof hat from Amazon for $34.

Why we like the Everyday California Floating Waterproof Snapback:

  • The aviator flight satin fabric looks good and makes this hat fully waterproof.
  • The snapback closure lets you get a snug fit that stays on your head.
  • This hat floats, so you can find it again if you happen to lose it on the water.
  • Durable fabric and double-stitched hems ensure this hat will hold up through all of your adventures, both in the water and on dry land.

$34 at Amazon

Most stylish waterproof hat: Outback Trading Co. Aussie Slugger Cap



Luxury meets durability in the Outback Trading Co. Aussie Slugger Cap. The classic baseball cap design is made from 100% cotton oilskin–that’s a thick cotton material that’s been treated with oil to become waterproof. Worn by sailors and fishermen for centuries, oilskin is super durable, waterproof and it preserves the breathability and odor-resistant properties of cotton. That breathability is enhanced by the addition of strategically placed air vents.

The timeless style and premium look of this hat make it a great option for someone who wants a waterproof hat that looks good enough to wear everywhere, all summer long. But don’t let the stylish look fool you. This hat can hold up to the demands of working on a fishing boat in the middle of a storm. So it can definitely hold up to the demands of your kayaking trip or round of golf.

Get the Outback Trading Co. Aussie Slugger Cap from Amazon for $35.

Why we like the Outback Trading Co. Aussie Slugger Cap:

  • The 100% oilskin design is waterproof, durable and breathable.
  • The baseball cap has a timeless look that will pair well with just about everything in your summer wardrobe.
  • The snapback closure allows you to get the right fit.

$35 at Amazon

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