3/23 Fantasy Football Today Podcast: Post Free Agency Rankings and Melvin Gordon Debate

After having a weekend to think about it, have we changed our minds about any of the free agents? Adam would like to be more optimistic about Melvin Gordon (5:00) but he might be alone on that. How are we feeling about Odell Beckham right now (14:00)? And we play “Value Up, Down or the Same” (18:00) for Emmanuel Sanders, Michael Thomas, Eric Ebron and more … Let’s talk about the Tight End position (23:30). Who do we rank 4th and 5th at TE? What draft strategy should you use at this position? … Fantasy combos (28:50), an intriguing Nick Foles note (34:34) and more news from around the NFL (38:10). Are we excited about drafting any Patriots right now?

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