3 Easy Tips on How to Become an Unstoppable Point Guard in Basketball

The reason why it is necessary to learn how to effectively play point guard in basketball is because it is the toughest, most important position, and in fact, requires the most responsibilities.

It is the position that acts as the glue of the team and holds it together. Without the leadership and various qualities of the point guard the team will have no sense of direction and will eventually, lose.

Nowadays far too many players are confused and want to know how to effectively play point guard in basketball.

In fact, point guards on all levels, ranging from middle school, high school, college, and all the way up to the pros have wondered how to become better at the point guard position.

Some have resorted to just learning through their own mistakes, listening to their dad’s advice, attending over-hyped, useless camps, listening to tapes of coaches who have no idea what they’re talking about, and so on.

Okay, so then how do you effectively play the point guard position in basketball?

Well, to keep things simple, here are the 3 easiest ways:

1. Leadership

As a point guard demonstrating your leadership is a must. As a leader you must be confident, calm under pressure, take risks to help the team win, motivate your team, be fearless, always prepared for a game or practice, and so on.

Most players lose control of their emotions, panic, and choke under pressure. But few players have the ability to stay cool calm, collected, and in control under pressure. Be one of the few.

The best way to become a leader as a point guard in basketball is through your actions. By setting the bar and showing your teammates and coaches how hard you work and how bad you want to get better and ultimately, win you will automatically be seen as a leader.

2. Vision

Having great court vision in basketball is one of the most valuable skills a point guard can have. The reason is because it opens up so many scoring and passing opportunities for your teammates and yourself, and makes dominating the game seem so much easier.

The core elements behind having great court vision is keeping your head and eyes up at all times, then finding an open teammate who’s in good scoring position and finally passing the ball at the right time and place. It’s as simple as that. But a lot of point guards tend to over complicate it and make it way harder than it should be by either thinking too much about making a mistake or trying to impress the crowd by making a fancy pass.

The way to achieve great court vision is through repetition and practice. To be more specific, what I mean is to actually practice trying to keep your head and eyes up at all times of the day, even outside of basketball. For example, you can be out with your friends, watching a movie or hanging out at the mall just chillen. And (if you’re a guy) play a game with your boys and see who could find the most hottest girls in 5 minutes. I’m sure you would have no problem keeping your head and eyes up during those 5 minutes.

3. Change of Pace

And finally having a quick change of pace is crucial because it’s a skill that will allow you to easily trick defenders and will make you seem more quicker and explosive to those guarding you and watching you. What’s even cooler is that you can use in any situation you’re in.

The change of pace is basically a hesitation or a changing of your speed.

The most effective way to use the change of pace in your game like the best point guards like Chris Paul, Steve Nash and Deron Williams do is by dribbling full speed at your defender then stopping for a quick second (changing your speed) and then sprinting with full speed like you did when you started dribbling at him. This is called the change of pace and will literally make you unstoppable.

So, I hope you took away some valuable tips and realized just how valuable these tips really are.

Now get out there and apply them to your game today!

Your journey to becoming an unstoppable point guard starts right now…

Good luck!

Source by Sonam Lama

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