4/13 Fantasy Football Today Podcast: 0.5 PPR Mock Review, 2020 Rookie Valuations

Finally we get to draft some rookies, even if we don’t know which NFL teams they’ll be on. Today we discuss our 0.5 PPR mock draft after we reflect on the XFL (3:25) which might be finished after a half season. What would we like to see the NFL borrow from the XFL? … Getting into the mock draft, let’s take a look at when the rookie RBs (5:00) and WRs (12:00) were selected. Is there a scenario in which a rookie RB becomes a workhorse this season? Also, how did our strategy change in the 0.5 PPR format (18:03)? When should Michael Thomas go (22:04)? And we reveal our teams and strategies (26:33) … We bring on a very special guest Robert Thomas who moderates our Facebook group (41:00). Robert asked our listeners questions about this draft and we reveal their answers. Best picks. Worst picks. Best teams and more.

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