4 Essentials to Dominate Your Opponent Mentally

Have you ever been in the situation where there always seems to be that one team that absolutely, positively, always beats your team? Regardless of the weather, who’s playing, who has the lead late in the game, etc… you just never win. I can’t explain it and I don’t know what to call it and I think you know what I mean. Well, that’s the feeling of being dominated mentally by your opponent.

You can reverse your fortunes if you clear your mind of all negative thoughts and apply some of these tips:

  1. Dominate Using Zen Master Mind Techniques – You can dominate your opponent mentally by applying ancient techniques of the Zen and the martial arts experts. The experts have had thousands of years to train the mind. The Eastern martial art and Zen meditation teachings focus on mental exercises to control situations and always have the upper hand on it’s competition. The martial art experts are well known for staying focused and having an extremely high tolerance for pain.
  2. Have Confidence and Cohesion As a Team – To dominate your opponent you must be have complete confidence in yourself and your teammates. It’s been proven over and over that a team with good chemistry can beat a team filled with superstars. What is the difference – the mental superiority of a cohesive unit sends out some strong to the opponents that can completely intimate an opponent.
  3. Be Aggressive and Take Advantage of Mental Mistakes – Another thing to do to take advantage of your opponent is to be aggressive on the base paths, root your teammates on, take advantage of your opponent’s mental lapses and just outright hustle. I have seen one aggressive baserunner turn the momentum of the game around by stealing a base. The next thing that happens is a hit or a passed ball, and the momentum begins to swing. It’s amazing how fast momentum can change in a ballgame.
  4. Anticipate The Play – As a defensive player go through the scenarios of what to do if the ball is hit to you. Go through the scenarios that can happen.: Are there men on base, how many outs, is this guy a pull hitter, is it a curve ball or fastball. Analyze these thoughts and come up with a strategy. There is nothing worse than to shatter another’s team momentum by making a great defensive play. It will bring a great boost to your teammates.

Conclusion – Dominate your opponent mentally by being prepared, exuding confidence, playing aggressively and anticipating each play.

Source by John Kochanski

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