49ers apparently won Super Bowl LIV, according to these very inaccurate posters from Target

If you watched Super Bowl LIV, then you’re probably well aware that the San Francisco 49ers did not win the game. Apparently, there’s at least one Target in California that didn’t get the memo that the 49ers lost, and we know that because they’re now selling posters that refer to the team as “Super Bowl LIV champions.”

In the alternate Super Bowl history presented by Target, the 49ers actually beat the Chiefs, although we don’t know the final score, because the poster doesn’t mention it. 

If you’re wondering what the errant posters look like, here’s a picture of them from Alex Tran of Niners Nation. 

I mean, the least Target could do here is knock 50% off the price since the poster doesn’t even list the correct Super Bowl champion. 

Now, I’m not sure if Tran bought any of these posters, but if I had been in this same situation, I would have emptied my entire bank account buying every last one. If I had these posters, I could sell them on eBay for millions and retire from writing.

If I’ve learned one thing about the internet in my life, it’s that there’s a market for everything, and there definitely seems to be a market for these posters.   

Although these posters somehow made their way on to the floor at Target, that’s not usually what happens with stuff like this. 

After the Super Bowl, the losing team’s championship merchandise is supposed to be sent back to the NFL. When it comes to t-shirts and other clothing items, the league sends the losing team’s stuff to needy families around the world, according to Anna Isaacson, the NFL’s senior vice president of social responsibility.

“There is a worldwide poverty crisis, millions of people who don’t have T-shirts and sweatshirts that we take for granted,” Isaacson told Yahoo Sports recently. “So it’s an easy win for us to make sure this product gets into their hands.”

For example, here’s a few t-shirts from the Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII win — they didn’t actually win — that got shipped off to Africa after Denver’s 43-8 loss to the Seahawks. 

As for those 49ers posters, someone at Target probably forgot to send them back to the league, and then someone else probably put them on display without realizing what the posters actually said. On the other hand, maybe sales were really high in California this year so Target has decided that they’re going to recognize the 49ers as Super Bowl champs. We probably shouldn’t rule out that theory, either. 

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