A Few Sports in Computer Games

What person doesn’t like sports games? They are on the television, radio or if you are lucky enough, you can go see them in the flesh! Going to the outdoor field and watching your favorite team gets the blood rushing, throat sore and the tummy full. You sit there cheering madly for your team, which in turn, phycs them up even more. All humans love the challenge of multi-player games and these are definitely challenging.

The Dart game is based on lowering your score. The score starts at 501 and then you see how many times you must throw the dart to get your score down to 0 and end with a double score or bull’s-eye. Each player throws three darts per round ( remember that there is a time limit on each player as they throw as well as a total time limit). If a player’s total time runs out, the opponent wins.

When you start with 501 points, your score for each throw is subtracted from that total. The trick is to get your score down to a single digit number that is NOT less than two or you bust on that round and it is your opponent’s turn. Don’t whine about having darts left if you bust because that does not matter and to make matters worse, if you bust, you lose all the points scored in that round! This gets a little challenging, but you will just have to think ahead and do the subtraction in your head so that you will know what number to aim for on the dart board. But-don’t hit another dart or the metal edges; your dart will bounce off the board and not give you any points at all.

Playing the game is fairly simple. You must aim with your mouse and click to lock your aim. This action brings up a meter that decides the altitude of your throw. The higher the marker is when you click, the higher your dart will hit the board. In order to hit exactly where you want to, click when the marker is in the middle. Overall this game takes practice and good planning skills when your score gets below 20!

KicKing is timing based football game where you get show off your skills at passing and tactical thinking. Throwing the ball through the opposing team will earn your team 7 rounds of quick play. Grab the powerups to give your team energy as they run towards the goal. This is a football game where crowd pleasing play is awarded more than a solo rush if you want to win.

Each round has a time limit of 35 seconds. If your team (the blue team) does not score a goal before 35 seconds or loses the ball the round is over. When a round starts the ball is always with your goalie at the bottom of the field. The game starts as the opponent closest to the ball starts to run towards your ball. You have to complete a pass before your opponent reaches you. Don’t let them sack you! The goal is to keep passing the ball and make a goal before time runs out.

Your team’s active player has a hexagonal yellow marker around him and a rotating arrow. You do not control the movement of the active player; you can only control his next pass. You first set the direction and then the strength of the pass. After you have made the pass, the player closest to the pass trajectory will start to move towards the best position available that will allow him to catch the ball. If it is a very short pass, the person who threw the pass may also catch it and throw it again.

After releasing the pass, the a path of the ball is shown by two yellow dots. The small dot shows where it will touch ground the first time. Before this point it cannot be intercepted by the opposition as it is in the air. The larger point shows where the ball will stop if it is not caught first. In each round the red team’s players (the opposing team) will get slightly faster.

You must be already planning the next pass while the player is moving. This way he will make a direct pass as soon as he reaches the ball. This planning is important to keep the ball away from the opposing team (red team).

If an opponent intercepts the ball, reaches the final destination before it reaches your player or before you make your next pass you will lose the ball, and the round. If you commit to a pass (release the button to set power) before you reach the ball and reach the ball destination before the opponent you will be able to kick it away even if the opponent reaches you before the ball arrives. If you make a pass out of bounds then round is over.

There are also 2 different power-ups placed in the field. You have to pass a ball through them to collect a power up. This power-up will affect your player for the duration of the round.

You use only your mouse to control the passes. When your player has the ball there is a directional arrow around him. Hitting the left mouse button will lock in the direction of the pass. A successful pass is worth 100 points. If by some strange chance you throw the ball into your goal, instead of the opponents’ goal, you will automatically lose 1000 points! So pay attention and throw the ball through the right goal! A long distance pass always gets the crowd up and cheering. So, if you want to score big, please that cheering crowd as it will give you 300 extra points. This is not the real thing as far as it goes, but it is an interesting game that promote thinking, planning ahead and strategic maneuvers. It probably cannot be played by anyone under the age of 10.

The final sports game we reviewed was Couronne King. It is based off the old tabletop game of Couronne. In this game you need to sink all the green rings with as few shots as possible. The play time has multiple lay-ups all of which are more difficult as the game advances. Your score is determined both by the difficulty of the shot and your speed at which you perform the shots at. There are many different, challenging levels of this game.

For each and every shot you start by placing your yellow ring anywhere along the red line towards the bottom of the table. You then aim your shot with the cue and add strength to shoot the yellow ring.

You may sink the green rings in any of the four holes on the table. This is done with either a direct shot or bouncing them off a wall or other rings. If you sink your yellow ring, it and another green ring will both appear back on top of the table which will cost you a shot. You may hit any ring on the table when it is your turn but sinking a red ring and the green ring in the same shot will be penalized by placing the green ring back on the table top.

After you have sunk all the green rings on the table you will advance to the next level. This new level will start with a different lay-up. To finish and thus win the game you will have to clear all the lay-ups within the time. The end of the game occurs when you have cleared all the lay-ups or time has run out.

If you’re looking for a challenge, check out some of these game options. You might find that your stress level is greatly reduced as well as your reflexes sharpened.

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