Aaron Rodgers apparently reached out to Jordan Love after Packers’ shocking trade in Round 1 of 2020 NFL Draft

The most surprising move of the 2020 NFL Draft definitely came on Thursday, when the Green Bay Packers decided to trade up in the first round and grab a quarterback. The move was a head-scratcher for multiple reasons with biggest one being that they have a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, who’s under contract with the team for four more years. 

The trade means that rookie quarterback Jordan Love is now going to be walking into a potentially awkward situation in Green Bay. Although Rodgers has yet to publicly comment on the move, the Packers quarterback did try to cut down on any tension there might be by reaching out to Love after the pick was made to welcome him to Green Bay.   

“Yeah, I was able to talk with him earlier,” Love said of Rodgers, via ESPN.com. “You know, really good guy. [He was] just congratulating me, and I was just letting him know that I was excited to be able to work with him.”

If anyone knows how Love is feeling right now, it’s definitely Rodgers. The Packers starting quarterback was on the opposite end of the spectrum back in 2005, when Green Bay selected him while Brett Favre was on the team. The selection of Rodgers led to a tense three years in Green Bay where Favre mostly gave Rodgers the cold-shoulder. Things actually got so bad that the two players didn’t make amends until February 2013, a full five years after Favre had left Green Bay.  

Rodgers is one of the smartest quarterbacks in the NFL and he probably realizes that it would be extremely hypocritical if he treats Love the same way, which might explain why he’s already reached out. That being said, although Rodgers might have given Love a warm welcome, he still likely hated the move, and if he’s going to be upset with anyone, it’s going to be the Packers front office. 

Packers general manager Brian Gutehunst and head coach Matt LaFleur both gave Rodgers a vote of confidence after the Love pick was made, but it was a vote of confidence that that felt kind of empty. 

“Aaron’s been around a long time and knows what we’re playing for right now,” Gutekunst said, via the team’s official website. “We have the best quarterback in the National Football League and we plan to have him for a while competing for championships.

LaFleur also echoed Gutekunst, saying he expects Rodgers to be the team’s quarterback for the foreseeable future. 

“Obviously, Aaron Rodgers is the leader of this football team, and my expectation is that he will be for a long time,” LaFleur told NFL.com. “I sincerely love the guy, and I love working with him, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun. I’m really excited about where we can take this, and that hasn’t changed one bit.”

If the Packers truly believe that Rodgers is going to be their guy for a “long time,” then they wasted their first round pick, because why trade up to draft someone if you’re planning to keep them on the bench for several years.

Basically, what the Packers are saying doesn’t jive with what they’re doing. Not only did they draft Love, but they didn’t add a single wide receiver during the first three rounds of the draft, which means they brought in zero weapons for Rodgers, which isn’t an ideal way to treat the guy you expect to be your quarterback for a “long time.”

Rodgers might have given a warm welcome to Love, but there’s a good chance that he’s upset with the front office for the way they botched the first three rounds, and that’s something that could strain the relationship that he has with both Gutekunst and LaFleur. If that happens, this is a situation that could ultimately end with Rodgers leaving Green Bay sooner rather than later, because it’s hard to imagine him wanting to stick around in an environment where the Packers don’t seem like they’re trying to field the best possible team around him. 

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