Advantage of ESPN Badminton Sets

If you are searching for an outdoor badminton kit, then here ends your search. This is a kit which provides you with all your needs to play an outdoor badminton match. This kit helps to set your own match starting from the net to the rackets. This kit contains four highly durable badminton rackets made of tempered steel. These Rackets are very much weightless but you should never guess its strength with its weight since its strength is multifold times its weight. This is the special light weight collection. The throat of the racket provides high strength and stiffness to the racket. This also helps to soften the impact on the racket.

And the handle of these are made up so that they provide high grip to the player. It is made up of PVC sponge padding. This eases the tension which occurs while smashing the cock with high speed hand movement. Also this helps to regulate the blood flow in the palm of the players while smashing the shuttle cocks. This set provides an effective time pass when going for a picnic with friends. This badminton set is best suited for four players. Two couples can enjoy a nice playing session. The easy mountable nature of the ESPN badminton kit makes it an effective one for garden play. This kit comes with four highly powered rackets and along with these four rackets comes the cocks.

Two real feather shuttlecocks are also provided in this kit. The feathers in the corks are natural ones and not artificial or synthetic materials. These shuttlecocks are made of real feather and accurately carved that makes no error in deviation. So the players need not mind for the accuracy because of the irregularity in the cocks. And this also goes perfectly even in presence of wind. That makes this kit more suitable for outdoor play. With just rackets and shuttlecocks, how can we set up a game? We also provide a long net of 21 feet long and two feet height. This net is made up of high quality fibers which makes it real strong and remains strong even after much wear and tear.

The net is made up of synthetic fibers and so it is much harder to tear easily. These nets can also be used to play volleyball. There is also provision to set up this net easily in less time. A set of aluminum rods are provided in the kit to mount these nets. The ground markers can be used to make up the borders and so this is suitable even for lawn play. These rods are easy connectible type which can be disconnected and carried away without much difficulty. The net is not of knot type. This makes the work much easier. And in order to give much grip to the net, Pulley system is also provided which can be mounted on the aluminum rods.

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