Alabama coach Nick Saban says he’s never sent a text message or email in his life

Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban has accomplished a lot in his career. The 68-year-old’s overall college coaching record is 243–65–1 and he’s won six national championships and eight SEC championships. One thing he has not done however, is send an email or a text message.

The head coach finally got an email account earlier this month, saying it took quarantine to get him to break and finally create one of his own. Before he set it up, it was his wife who received all his messages. Known as Ms. Terry, his wife eventually got fed up with a full inbox and told him it’s time to make his own. I mean if you can win multiple championships you should be able to sift through junk mail, right?

The email was a major step for Saban, but apparently he isn’t using all of its functions. In an interview with the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday, Saban said that when gets an email, he calls the person back rather than just hitting “reply.” That must be a lot of phone calls.

Saban added that he has also never sent a text message in his life. Just imagine how overwhelmed he would be with all the emojis there are these days.

He is a pretty popular guy, and needs to be in constant communication with his coaching staff and scouts regarding players and potential future players, so Saban could probably benefit from an email chain or a group chat. Depending on how long the quarantine goes, maybe he will finally enter this century and reply to an email or text a fellow coach. 

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