Amari Cooper says he wants to be a ‘Cowboy for life’ as he awaits fate in Dallas

While the Dallas Cowboys continue to play the waiting game with franchise quarterback Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper’s future in Dallas is uncertain. 

If Cooper could control the circumstances, he would stick with the Cowboys for the rest of his career. 

“I love being a Dallas Cowboy. I love everything about it. I think about it every day,” Cooper said on 105.3 The Fan Thursday night. “They have a lot of primetime games. They have more night games than everybody, really. That always feels good as a football player. Just the aura of being a Dallas Cowboy, you can’t beat it. I want to be a Cowboy for life.

The Cowboys will reportedly not transition tag Cooper, which would give them the right to match any offer made to Cooper in free agency. They have reportedly intensified contract negotiations in an effort to get Cooper re-signed before he’s slated to hit the free agent market on March 18. If Cooper hits free agency, it’s widely believed the Cowboys will be outbid for his services. 

Dallas wants to get a deal done with Cooper, but Prescott is the domino that has to fall before the Cowboys can take care of their No. 1 wide receiver. The Cowboys have until March 12 to sign Prescott to a long-term deal or they will have to place the franchise tag on him. 

The Cowboys will know by Thursday what they can do regarding the franchise tag with Prescott. If the NFL players vote in favor of the current CBA proposal (they have until Thursday to vote), teams will lose their ability to designate two tags. Under the new CBA, teams can only use the franchise tag for one player. 

Cooper wants the Cowboys to take care of Prescott, knowing he’s a huge reason for his own success in Dallas.

“Very important,” Cooper said on the Cowboys re-signing Prescott. “We’ve built a good relationship so far. From the time I got here, we were able to hit the ground running, and just from my experience in being in the NFL I wouldn’t say that’s a common thing. Sometimes you can line up with a quarterback after getting traded or going to a new team, whether it’s the draft or whatever, and it not go smooth. 

“And so, I wouldn’t try to trade that for anything because I know what can be on the other side of that. I would say it’s very important.” 

There’s no question where Cooper wants to spend the rest of his NFL career, but he’ll be tempted to play somewhere else once other teams can contact him. The clock is ticking on the Cowboys to get a deal done over the next week. 

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