Amazing Waterfalls of the World!

Generally vertical movement of water from a small or large river is called as Waterfalls. A band of rock structure that can not be easily eroded situated on the path of river water would be responsible for the creation of waterfalls. It is estimated that there are several thousands of small and large waterfalls in our beautiful globe. Only very few of them have gotten the name and popularity. In this article you can find a list of waterfalls that are known for volume and height.

Boyoma Falls, Khone Falls, Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls are some greatest waterfalls of the world by volume and some other waterfalls like Angel Falls, Engstligen Falls, Serio Cascata del, Yosemite Falls are known for their heights.

Let us see some of the interesting waterfalls of this great world:

Boyama Falls

This is greatest waterfalls of the world by volume and located in Lualoba River flowing in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa. It is said as the catract type of waterfalls and the nature has made it seven sets of waterfalls which is extended between Ubundu and Kisangani towns. The waterfalls has incredible flowrate of about 18 lacs cu.ft./sec.

Khone Falls

This is second largest one by volume with a great lowrate of 4 lacs cu.ft./sec. The falls is situated Mekong River in Laos of Champasak Provinc and it is also catract type of waterfalls. In rainy seasons the flow rate may rise to about 16 lacs cu.ft./sec.

Angel Falls

This is world highest waterfalls with the great height of 3212 ft. The falls is located in Canaima National Park in the Gran Sabama region of Bolivar State, Venezuela. The height of waterfalls is so great that all the water of waterfalls will scattered to tiny drops and mist before reaching the ground.

Yosmite Falls

This is highest waterfalls of North America and located in Yosemite National Park of Sierra Nevada mountains of California. The total height of waterfalls is 2425 ft.

Source by Veerabathran Bhagavathimuthu

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