Baseball Flag Waving

Does Baseball have the gumption, the mettle and the intestinal fortitude to show just how tough these boys of summer can be toward fessing up and cleaning up this drug related scourge? The entire world has a vested interest in every action taken or not taken to rid our land of this cloud of darkness upon our game.

Young boys in their teen years were exposed to a game called “Capture The Flag” this game or tussle was not something to enter into by the timid or faint hearted. It was really a contest of brute toughness of body and a will to bring the flag to the winning side. A parallel comparison using the term “Capture the Flag” which needed toughness and a “Show The Flag” which signals toughness and friendship is needed by Baseball in this period of History.

Lets suppose every baseball team suiting up and stepping across that chalked foul line and taking their positions on the diamond does so with part of the Boy Scouts oath firmly fixed in their minds. Physically fit,mentally awake and morally straight. Now with that resolve we would and could and definitely should slap this growth hormone monkey from baseballs back.

Alright old shoe saying is not doing but the proof is in the doing. This is where Capture the Flag becomes a reality. Winning major sport challenge there is a commonly known but truthful thought of “Now we get to go to Disney Land.”

How about a one bigger and better trip with much more goodwill and World Class importance attached. Come baseballs winner of the coveted World Series title by documented and proven tough players be treated to a symbolic “Capture the Flag.” and “Showing Our National Ensign” tour.

The United States of America throughout our illustrious history have hoisted a “Friendship Flag” from our Warships and Navy Craft entering foreign ports. Now let the boys of summer our World Series Champion team board a Navy vessel be it one of our Carriers, Battleships or Cruisers and do a friendly Port of call around the world.

What we will in essence be doing is treating our World Class Winners to a visit and a goodwill mission of untold importance. We will dub the Cruise our “Capture the Flag” and “Show The Flag” bringing a celebration to the shores of friendly Nations around the World what makes America great and which includes our wonderful game of baseball..

Take the time to check some of the history of our game of baseball and you will find some interesting and inspiring uses our game of baseball has been cementing goodwill to many Nations of the World.

What Victory are we celebrating? The removal of a scourge generated in our club houses and playing fields of baseball with a reward and by sharing the defeat of the drug issue outcome with the World.

—-Now what are you going to do that we are the Baseball World Series Champions?—-

Now we are on our way to carry our FriendShip Lights and National Colors to friendly foreign ports and share the symbolism of our double victory. We have defeated our drug issue enemy and we are World Series Baseball Champions worthy of this “Capture the Flag” and our will to “Show the Flag” of Americas friendship around the Globe..

Professional Baseball do not let this issue of having a black eye and not being smarter than a fifth grader overrun your will to toughen up grit your teeth show what you can do lets “Capture the Flag.”

Batter Up—-Let’s Play Ball….

Source by Wiley Channell

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