Baseball: Taming The Gloves

You can just imagine the pain and injury that a player can get when he plays without the baseball gloves. Bruised palms, in could be the least that a player has to worry. And yet the first baseball gloves appeared only in the 1870’s. Before that baseball players has to catch the ball with bare hands, something that we can not imagine today. When baseball gloves started to appear it was made from scraps of leather that were sewn together.

The first baseball gloves were not even designed to catch the ball but to cushion the player’s hand by knocking the baseball glove to the ground. During the late 1800’s players using baseball gloves were teased as sissies and other names that were embarrassing to the players. Eventually, sense prevailed. Baseball gloves have become an integral part of the game aside from being necessary safety equipment.

Baseball is one of Americas most loved sport. If someone wants to play, it is necessary to wear a baseball gloves and that means buying a new one.

When new, baseball gloves are stiff and you have to break in the baseball glove for you to have a good game with it.

One effective way of breaking in a new baseball glove is to wrap it in a towel when not in use. The best way however is to wear it as often as you can and catch ball with it. It will be uncomfortable at the start, as you would feel that the glove does not fit your hand but continues breaking in will soften it up. Oils made specifically for baseball gloves are also available to speed up the process. Take caution though in oiling a baseball glove, as too much of it, even when recommended by the oil maker, will tend to break the leather down. Ideal application of oil in the baseball gloves should not be more than three times a year. As you use the baseball glove however, it will eventually start to feel comfortable like an extension of your hand.

Through the years, many companies have started to manufacture baseball gloves that they come today in a wide variety and materials to select from. Depending on its quality, brand, fit and style baseball gloves are priced as low as $10 or as high as $250 for custom made fits.

The more popular manufacturers of baseball gloves are Rawlings, Nike, Mizuno and Nokona.

For players starting out in baseball buying brand new gloves that are good can be a little steep. If you want a glove that is good, second hand gloves can be a good option and the Internet can show you where. The Internet has, in a very short span of years, become a virtual shopping venue. If you want to try it out, try eBay or type the keywords “discount baseball gloves” and you will be surprised at what you will find. Searching the Internet for baseball gloves can yield you results several times over than going from store to store. There are good sellers on the net where you can buy your baseball gloves at 50% less than its brand new counterpart.

Another good option is to find sporting goods store that are on clearance sale. Good discount can be had with these stores if you are willing to settle for gloves that are good if not the latest.

Source by Robert Thatcher

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