Best Basketball Drills

Best Basketball Drills

So what basketball drills are the best? Which drills help the most?

It really depends on the player, but there are some drills that are better than others. Here’s what you’ll want to consider.

What Drills Help the Most?

If you want to become a great basketball player you need to work on more than what you’re already good at. Your biggest and fastest improvements in basketball will come from working on things that you’re not so good at.

So if your weak hand isn’t very good, you should be working on basketball drills that focus on your weak hand. If your shooting needs work, you should focus on that. If your ball handling needs improvement you should do drills for that, etc.

You’ll see much bigger and faster improvements in areas that you’re currently weak at than the areas you’re already good at. Also, by improving on these weaknesses you’ll have very few “holes” in your game, making you a better all around basketball player that is much more difficult to guard and much more valuable to your coach and team.

Effective Basketball Drills

The second thing to consider is the quality of the drills. For this you need to look at both the drill itself and how it applies to you. A few questions you’ll want to ask are:

Is the drill effective?

Is it challenging for you or getting you results?

Does the drill work on one of my weaknesses?

You’ll want most drills to be challenging in order to see improvement, but realize that some drills can still benefit you greatly even though they don’t seem difficult. Also, once again, you’ll also want to look at whether or not the drill is working on improving one of your weaknesses in basketball or not.

Which Drills I Recommend

These are some of the drills that I’ve found to be most beneficial for shooting:

– 1 hand form shooting under the basket

– getting repetitions of shooting in off the dribble going both left and right

– getting in repetitions of catching and shooting

– standing near the basket and working on changing body positions and hitting different points on the backboard to bank the shot in

Some of my favorite ball handling drills include:

– spider dribble

– low crossovers at maximum speed

– working on game specific moves and driving to the basket

– almost any 2 ball dribbling drills

– any ball handling drill that forces you to stay low

Find Your Best Drills

Give some of those drills a try and find what fits your needs best and you’ll see some huge improvements fast!

Source by Jesse Muench

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