Big 12 approves plan for student-athletes to return to campus

A collegiate conference has heard the question of whether college sports will return to normal once the fall semester rolls around and decided to answer with a resounding “yes,” at least as far as sports are concerned. The Big 12 announced on Friday that there would be a plan in place to phase in student-athletes back to campus.

The idea behind this measure is to allow these players to engage in voluntary activities, presumably drills and workouts, that are related to the sport that each respective student participates in so that, should conference’s announce that sports are, in fact, returning, there’s less time required for them to get back into playing shape.

The schedule, according to a statement on the Big 12’s website, goes as follows: football players will be allowed to return to their respective campuses on June 15, volleyball, soccer and cross country student-athletes can return on July 1, and all other student-athletes will be allowed back on July 15.

“This phased approach is intended to permit gradual adoption of best practices for mitigation of COVID-19 as well as ensuring a safe environment and appropriately prepared facilities,” the statement reads.

The Big 12 decided as a conference to suspend all athletic competitions on March 12 in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

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