Bills’ Cole Beasley ‘selfishly’ pleased Brian Daboll will remain in Buffalo: ‘He’s an incredible coach’

Cole Beasley was already virtually indefensible in the open field, a fact proved time and again during his stretch with the Dallas Cowboys. He found another gear when he arrived in Upstate New York though, by way of a four-year, $29 million contract signed in the NFL free agency spree of 2019. It was there he met the offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills, Brian Daboll, and the two immediately got to work leveling him up to become what he is today — one of the most lethal receiving weapons in the league. 

Daboll found himself fielding interest this year for head coach vacancies because of his ability to create a prolific offense in Buffalo, fueled largely by the leaps and bounds progression from quarterback Josh Allen, but is now expected to stay put with the Bills, barring an unexpected turn of some sort with the Houston Texans in their search for a new head coach. Needless to say, this pleases Beasley greatly because while he wants what’s best for Daboll, he also wants what’s best for a Buffalo offense that ranked No. 2 in the league this season.

“I’m selfish so I’m happy he didn’t get any of the jobs. I want him to be happy and do what he wants to do, but I love him too much,” Beasley said, “I don’t want him to go. I’m happy he’ll at least be here for another one.”

While the Bills might not escape the NFL coaching carousel unscathed — seeing as defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is a lead horse for the Texans — retaining Daboll is massive for the team going forward. While they didn’t have the best showing of the year at Arrowhead Stadium in the AFC Championship Game, there can be no debate about how far Allen and the offense has come, with huge parts played by both Beasley and the acquisition of Pro Bowl wideout Stefon Diggs

“I know [Daboll is] just like Josh [Allen]. He’s probably taking it harder than anybody — that loss yesterday,” Beasley said on Monday, one day after the Bills struggled en route to scoring only two touchdowns. “I know he apologized to me and Stef. We felt like there was no need to. That’s just the type of guy he is. 

“I’m sure he’s already up ([n his office] watching film trying to figure out what to do next season. … The dude’s an incredible coach, probably the best OC I’ve ever played for — not just schematically but as a person too. The mentality he brings to the offense is incredible. He’s just like one of the dogs out there too. 

“He things that way. Any time you’ve got a guy like that leading you it makes it fun to go play. I’m excited to have him back.”

Beasley reeled in four touchdowns and a career-high 967 receiving yards in 2020, after grabbing a career-high six touchdowns in 2019, and he’s looking forward to more great days ahead with Daboll calling the plays. For the Buffalo offense, with Daboll sticking around, it’s about licking their wounds and reloading for 2021.

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