Bodyweight MMA Workouts

The ideal way for carrying out the perfect MMA workouts is to include bodyweight training into your daily martial arts practice routine. Quite interestingly, bodyweight training is an additional compliment to the overall MMA workout routine. Some people hold a misconception that it is a replacement for a MMA workout, most probably because they are not aware of the added benefits it offers. You can give dedicated time to bodyweight training, without disturbing your workouts.

Bodyweight training is highly recommended for experienced mixed martial arts fighters who wish to add fierceness to their strength and to revitalize their technique. Over the years, workout addicts and fitness experts have discovered many bodyweight exercises which actually work and show positive results. The MMA coaches and fighters have consequently evolved these techniques so that they can be easily incorporated into their own workout routines. At the same time, it provides them with the ‘something extra’ that these fighters often need to raise the level of their strength. Kettlebell workouts are considered as the most effective and hence the most popular exercise. Kettlebell workouts are very intense and obviously require a strange-looking kettle-shaped canon ball with a handle for gripping. Two-arm kettle swing, one-arm kettle swings, Kettlebell clean and Kettlebell lockouts are perfect for strength workout.

If the MMA fighters want to build more muscle, gain strength with flexibility and specifically add to the strength of their knees, then heavy squats and dead lifts are ideal for their MMA workouts. Other routines of bodyweight training incorporated in Mixed Martial Arts workouts include grip strength exercises, explosive pressing and snatching. Sandbag exercises are also quite popular when we talk about this category of workouts. Effective sandbag exercises include shouldering, half-moon snatching, swinging, rotating, lifting and lunging, all of which are extremely recommended for the Mixed Martial Arts workouts of the fighters who wish to increase the strength of their upper limbs and/or master their explosive strength.

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