Brett Favre reveals his thoughts on who the ‘new Tom Brady’ is going to be in the NFL

With Tom Brady no longer in the AFC East, the division is basically up for grabs for the first time in nearly 20 years. For most of the past two decades, predicting the AFC East race was pretty easy because you always knew the Patriots were going to win it. With Brady now gone, there’s a void in the AFC East and if Brett Favre is right, it’s a void that’s going to be filled by a quarterback who’s already in the division. During a recent appearance on Sirius XM NFL radio, Favre said that he could see Bills quarterback Josh Allen becoming the ‘new Tom Brady.’ 

“His time is now and I think it’s going to be for quite a while,” Favre said of the Bills quarterback. “I think Josh Allen will be the new Tom Brady, at some point, he will be running the division. I believe that.”

Now, that doesn’t mean that Favre is predicting that Allen is going to win six Super Bowls over the course of his career, the Hall of Famer is just saying that he feels like Josh Allen could end up dominating the AFC East like Brady once did. 

“Man, he looks awesome. That kid is a tremendous talent,” Favre said of Allen. “He can sling it, he can move, for a big guy he can really move, but more than anything we saw that with him the last few years, but what we’re seeing now is he’s taking it to the next level. He’s winning games. He’s putting an exclamation on the game itself week in and week out.”

Favre’s prediction might not be too crazy, either. Through the first four weeks of the season, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Allen has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Not only is he third in the league in touchdown passes with 12, but he’s also second in the NFL in passing yards. Also, and most importantly, Allen has suddenly turned into an accurate passer who’s not turning the ball over. 

Allen has completed more than 70% of his passes, which is well above his previous career-high of 58.8%. Allen has also only thrown one interception through four games, which is pretty impressive when you consider that he had thrown four interceptions over the first four games in 2018 and six interceptions over the first four games in 2019. 

The Bills quarterback has also been busy making NFL history as he became is the first player ever with 12 or more passing touchdowns and three or more rushing touchdowns through the first four games of a season. 

Thanks in large part to Allen, the 4-0 Bills have a two-game lead in the AFC East for the first time since 1995 and if Favre is right, there going to get to enjoy being on top of the division for years to come. 

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