Brewers star Christian Yelich pens letter of support to senior players at high school alma mater

Due to matters much more important than our sports, baseball has been shut down across the country and mostly across the globe. One group impacted in particular that some might overlook is high school seniors. It’s pretty painful, actually, to think back to my senior year of baseball and and then realize that experience is being taken away from thousands of players across the country. So many fun memories are being lost.

A group of senior high school players was on the mind of Brewers superstar Christian Yelich. The 2018 National League MVP sent a letter to seniors at his alma mater, Westlake High School (Westlake, Calif.) offering up his support. 

“I’m sure this isn’t how you envisioned your senior year coming to a close but this is just a small chapter of your life that’s just the beginning!” Yelich wrote. “… Some of you have played your last game and that’s fine!! It’s fine because you’re going to go on to do great things in this world, things that have a way bigger impact than anything that can be done on a baseball field!”

Here’s his full letter:

That’s definitely a nice consolation prize from one of baseball’s best players. You can be sure Yelich, who was taken in the first round (23rd overall) out of Westlake High School in the 2010 MLB Draft, is very popular at his alma mater.

Kudos to Yelich on the gesture.

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