Browns’ JC Tretter named new NFLPA president ahead of all-important CBA vote

To say the NFLPA has a lot going on lately is quite the understatement. The league and its 32 owners currently await a player vote on the proposed collective bargaining agreement, in what has become a drama-laden debate within the ranks of the NFLPA. Many notable players have spoken out against it, while others are in favor of its ratification, but the back-and-forth has caused delays in the NFL offseason schedule. While this is all going on, the NFLPA was also seeking to elect new leadership, and they’ve now done just that — officially naming JC Tretter their new president. 

Tretter, 29, is currently the center for the Cleveland Browns, and while there’s no record of him taking a stance publicly on the new collective bargaining agreement, there is at least one report — per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk — that suggests he’s in favor of the proposal. If true, electing Tretter could help sway the CBA toward landing before the new league year begins on March 18. Given the number of players who might stand to benefit from it — i.e., the non-superstars who’ll see a pay boost along with other nuggets of their interest — Tretter’s support may not be required for the final tally to land on “yes.” 

We are preparing to vote on a CBA that most of us will play under for the rest of our careers,” Tretter wrote on March 4. “Before you decide whether you’re for or against it, please get informed. Read up on it, talk to your player director/rep, send me questions, etc. Get as much info as you can.”

He also emailed a short memo players regarding the CBA, including this blurb, via Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari: 

“I’ve been able to sit in meetings and hear a lot of perspectives on all of the different clauses that will be in this CBA. A lot of guys have asked, ‘What are the negatives?’. As in any negotiations we all know that each side will have gains and losses. The current CBA terms sheet that was emailed to you does a good job of telling you everything we are gaining in this proposal. I don’t want anyone to feel like they were not told about the potential drawbacks and some of the nuances before they voted, so here is a list I made to help you make the most informed vote possible. 

“The big sticking point is the addition of more football in the form of games and their corresponding practices. They are adding a 17th regular season game. They are adding an extra wild card game. The second-seed that would previously get a bye week will now play the newly-added seventh-seed in a wild card game. That also includes 1-2 more weeks of practice. The regular season will still only consist of one bye week.”

Only time will tell how it all plays out, but players have until March 14 at 11:59pm ET to cast their vote, giving Tretter only four days to help draft players’ opinions to one side of the table or the other. 

The veteran offensive lineman beat out Sam Acho and Giants safety Mike Thomas to land the position, with Russell Okung having pulled out before offering full support to Thomas — a player who has been vocal about voting down the new CBA. An alum of Cornell’s School of Industrial Labor Relations, Tretter is certainly qualified to lead the NFLPA, and he’s being thrown into the fire this offseason. Tretter succeeds former president Eric Winston, who was elected in 2014, and the NFLPA continued to finalize their leadership in named Alex Mack as treasurer. 

Up next comes the biggest vote of their next decade, and all the world waits to see what they decide. 

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