Cam Newton allowed to seek a trade by Panthers as former MVP returns from injury, per report

There’s big news coming out of Charlotte on a busy week in the NFL. The Carolina Panthers have long stood fast on not making any proclamations about the future of Cam Newton until he was completely healthy, but did say they’d keep all options on the table until further notice. It appears they’re at least entertaining the thought of possibly moving on from him in 2020, with the club reportedly advising Newton he’ll be allowed to explore possible trade options, the team announced.

Newton, a former league MVP, is returning to the field from a Lisfranc injury that landed him on injured reserve in 2019. The Panthers have since brought in Matt Rhule as head coach, and while Rhule made it clear he admires what Newton brings to the team, there was never a definitive statement made on if the 30-year-old would return — the door remains open for that to happen. That’s at least for now, because if Newton can secure an offer both he and the Panthers agree to, it’ll be the end of an era in Carolina.

This is a developing story. 

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