CBS Sports’ Jim Nantz is on the call for insane basketball/golf trick shot

A large majority of the population has found themselves in quarantine due to the COVID-10 outbreak. Without sports, fans have had to create ways to keep themselves entertained. Well, this group of youngsters certainly did as they completed one of the most basketball/golf shots that anyone will ever see. In addition, the action is narrated by legendary CBS Sports commentator Jim Nantz.

“It’s that glorious time of the year, basketball and golf back-to-back,” Nantz said. “Luka hits the running three and now quickly in transition, Christian gets the assist on the camera toss. On to the links where Marco will challenge the ever-swirling winds on this downhill approach, this for birdie. There it is! A win for the ages!”

Of course, Nantz has a little free time on his hands because he would’ve been calling games during the NCAA Tournament this past weekend. Much like many other sporting events, the NCAA Tournament was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

It certainly isn’t a stretch for Nantz to call basketball and golf, since he announces PGA Tour events on CBS as well. This all just proves that even in quarantine, there are still creative ways to have some fun and involve sports.

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