College basketball power rankings: Kansas and Dayton pulling away from the rest thanks to big winning streaks

For the first time in months, we have significant shift in the top five the Hey Nineteen. 

The power rankings below reflect team performance, tracked from the past month-plus, with overall record taken into account. There are the obvious teams, and then there are the powerhouse squads from small conferences that are tracking toward the NCAA Tournament. 

Amid all this, a tip of the cap to Kansas and Dayton. Nineteen days ago, the selection committee revealed its one-time-only in-season top 16, seeded and podded exactly how it would look if the NCAA Tournament started on Feb. 8. Have you forgotten what that looked like? I got you.

I hand credit to Kansas and Dayton because you’ll notice that those are the only two schools that haven’t lost since the reveal. Funnily enough, they happened to be in the same region then and now would constitute the strongest possible No. 1 vs. No. 2 seed, so the committee would not repeat this bracketing decision if the tournament started today. The other 14 teams have a total of 28 losses (2.0 defeats per, natch), with West Virginia having the worst turn with five losses in the past 19 days. 

The Mountaineers fell out of this week’s rankings, while a team that blazed onto the scene unexpectedly early in the season, then fell into the background, has once again reemerged and in fact plays Thursday night. You can find out who by touring the latest edition of the 19 most impressive and consistent teams in college basketball as of late. Let’s go. 

Hey Nineteen: Norlander’s College Hoops Power Rankings

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