College football coronavirus updates: ACC cancels, Big Ten, SEC suspend spring sports-related activities

The coronavirus outbreak has brought a halt to just about every sporting league across the country. Collegiate athletics have not been spared as the NCAA announced on Thursday it is canceling all winter and spring championships in 2020, including the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments.

In addition to that, some conferences have now jumped in and prevented any teams from holding practices of any kind for the time being. The ACC canceled “all athletic related activities including all competition and practice through the end of the 2019-20 academic year,” which includes spring practices and games. 

The Big Ten, meanwhile, announced Friday that “all organized team activities have been suspended until April 6, 2020.” The SEC then made a similar announcement that “all athletics activities … will be suspended through at least April 15.” The SEC had previously announced that all competition was suspended until March 30. Individual SEC programs, including Alabama, have started to suspend spring practices until further notice. 

Other schools have already begun to cancel spring practices and games, as well as classes themselves, and the odds are high that these will not be the final games canceled in the coming days. To keep up with all the latest ways the COVID-19 virus outbreak has had an impact on college football, check out our tracker below.

All team activities suspended

  • AAC: Conference-wide (canceled)
  • ACC: Conference-wide (canceled)
  • Big Ten: Conference-wide (until April 6)
  • Big 12: Baylor (until March 23)
  • Independent: Notre Dame
  • MAC: Conference-wide
  • Pac-12: Conference-wide (until March 29)
  • SEC: Conference-wide (until April 15)

Spring games canceled

  • ACC: Conference-wide
  • Big Ten: Conference-wide (until April 6)
  • Independents: Notre Dame
  • AAC: Cincinnati
  • MAC: Conference-wide
  • Pac-12: Conference-wide (until March 29)

Recruiting limitations in place: NCAA Division I

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