Connor McDavid thinks the NHL should complete the regular season if play resumes

Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid shared his opinion on how the NHL should proceed if the league is able to resume play sometime this year. In his mind, the fairest approach would be one that actually completes the 82-game season.

“I think [the standings] look pretty good right now,” said McDavid of his second-place Oilers in a conference call with reporters. “But you want a fair season. And a fair season is a full season. If we can do that, then that’s what we’d obviously prefer. 

“I don’t think we can just step into playoffs, Game 1, Calgary comes to Edmonton, and guys are just running around killing each other and haven’t played a game in two months. It’ll end up the [AHL] Stockton Heat versus the Bakersfield Condors if that’s the case. We want to keep guys healthy and we want to make sure everyone’s up and ready to play some playoff hockey.”

It’s worth noting that Edmonton is currently in second place in the Pacific Conference, meaning that if the playoffs started tomorrow, they’d be in. In other words, McDavid isn’t just spouting off this opinion just so his team could make it into the postseason, there’s legitimate concern in his take. 

Agreeing with the Oilers star was Flames captain Mark Giordano, who also wants to see the season played out. His stipulation, however, is that there needs to be a long enough pause between the Stanley Cup Final and the beginning of next season.

“I’ve thought a lot about this,” said Giordano. “In a perfect world, you want to play a full regular season and whoever gets in, gets in. But I don’t think realistically we’re going to have that time.”

The Flames are in third place in the Pacific, four points behind the Oilers.

This thinking differs from that of Alexander Ovechkin and Sydney Crosby, who both said earlier this week that they would be okay with just going straight into the playoffs

The NHL season has been on pause since March 13.

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