Coronavirus: Astros’ George Springer donates $100,000 to Minute Maid Park employees

Amidst Major League Baseball’s delay of the start of the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic, Astros star George Springer became the latest athlete to help stadium workers who could face an economic impact from the season being on hold. 

With official games being pushed back for at least two weeks, ballpark staff won’t receive paychecks. Springer will donate $100,000 to the employees at Minute Maid Park. Opening Day was originally scheduled for March 26, but now that’s an afterthought the outbreak is contained.

“These are the people that help take care of my family when I go to work,” Springer told KRIV-TV reporter Mark Berman. “Now I want to help take care of them when they’re in a time of need.”

Springer is one of the first major baseball figures to pledge financial support to displaced ballpark employees. He follows in the footsteps of NBA players like Kevin Love and Zion Williamson who have also announced their respective donations towards helping arena staff. Here’s our running list of teams and players that have stepped up and made donations.

The NBA announced their decision to go on a 30-day minimum break in the 2019-20 season schedule after two Utah Jazz players were tested positive for COVID-19. The NHL and MLS announced similar suspensions of their seasons on Thursday.

CBS News has the latest updates about the virus, which has affected various sports globally and in the United States. Here at CBS Sports we have a running updates on how sports leagues are responding to coronavirus. 

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