Coronavirus: Barcelona players reject proposal to significantly cut wages during pandemic, report says

Barcelona players have reportedly rejected a proposal from club leadership that would have significantly reduced their wages throughout the coronavirus pandemic, according to ESPN. This proposal was made as Barcelona attempts to find ways to bear the brunt of the financial impact set to come as a result of suspended sports seasons throughout the globe.

While the focus seems to be on the top-flight men’s soccer team — whose members are receptive to the idea of a pay cut, just not in the form it was most recently proposed — the wage reduction will hit every aspect of the club including the women’s soccer team, the B team, the under-19s and those who play basketball, handball, futsal and roller hockey. The men’s team alone accounts for half of the club’s wages, earning €500 million between them.

Barcelona is currently the only club in La Liga working to cut costs as the sports world has halted until the coronavirus pandemic gets under control — though the Guardian reports other clubs are expected to follow the Catalonian club’s lead. The concern from the club’s perspective is that certain required payments in their annual budget might not be met if La Liga’s season remains suspended for much longer. It’s worth noting that Barcelona is breaking the norm in actually negotiating how this cut will play out, as Spanish labor law allows businesses to temporarily lay off staff or cut wages at their own discretion.

Even with this setback, there is still optimism about reaching a conclusive agreement between both sides, per ESPN.

Club superstar Lionel Messi donated €1 million to coronavirus relief efforts, split between Barcelona and his hometown of Rosario, Argentina. Former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola did the same, donating his million to the Barcelona Medical College and the Angel Soler Daniel foundation.

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