Coronavirus: Carolina Hurricanes have a ‘task force’ for figuring out how to play future games

Among the first teams in the league to publicly announce a contingency plan to have games held in their home arena if the NHL resumes the season is the Carolina Hurricanes. General manager Don Waddell revealed this in a video conference call, according to ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski.

“We have multiple plans. We have a task force that we’ve put in place internally to talk about all of these options. One of them is that we come back with no fans, and how we’re going to deal with that. The second option is we come back and can only have — pick the number — five or eight thousand people in the building,” said Waddell on Thursday, per ESPN. “The third option is that we can be totally open. We’ve talked at length and have plans for all of those situations.”

The team is even reportedly planning on situations where fans are allowed to come back in full force, though that plan is more about how much attendance the team expects to lose during the public’s return to games.

“We’re modeling everything right now. Is it 10% less people? Is it 50% less people coming to games? We’ve done all kinds of models moving forward,” said Waddell. “Regardless of what the team does at this point, in society in general no one knows how we’re going to react to this. I’m a believer that we’re going to find a cure in the near future where people are comfortable coming out of their houses where if they get it, there’s a way to remedy it. A vaccine would help solve a lot of our issues.”

The Hurricanes were ranked 22nd in the league in tickets distributed per home game. Eight of the team’s final 14 games were scheduled to be at home, and they held the first Wild Card spot in the east when the league was paused on March 12. 

Among the plans floated around on how to resume the season includes playing all games in North Dakota.

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