Coronavirus: Celtics to self-quarantine, get tested after playing Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz

The NBA made the decision Wednesday to suspend the 2019-20 season indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak. So far, Utah Jazz All-Stars Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell have tested positive for the virus, and when you start to extrapolate all the people those two have recently come into contact with, and all those they contacted, and so on down the line, obviously this becomes a major concern. 

In addition to all Jazz players and staff members, the players and staff of teams who played against the Jazz in the last 10 days are obviously at risk. This includes the Toronto Raptors, Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons. The Raptors announced that all players and traveling staff will self-quarantine for 14 days. They were all tested late Wednesday night. The Pistons announced that all players and traveling staff will also self-quarantine until further notice. 

The Celtics, who played against the Jazz last Friday, issued a statement on Thursday that read, in part, as follows: “… players and staff who were in close contact with the Utah players or who traveled to Milwaukee [Boston was slated to play the Bucks Thursday night] to self-quarantine through the weekend, during which time all players will be tested, as will staff who came in close contact with the Utah players or who exhibit symptoms.”

The Cavs, at this point, are not issuing a mandatory self-quarantine. They played the Jazz on March 2, and, in a statement, said the chances of infection are believed to be “relatively low” considering the length of time that has passed without any of the players or staff who were working in close proximity to the court and locker rooms having shown any symptoms. 

In other words, the Cavs are in wait-and-see mode. If anyone shows symptoms, they will be tested and potentially quarantined. This is how most of the league is proceeding, with the exceptions of the teams most directly connected to the Jazz that have already been listed. 

That said, the moment a player or staff member from another team tests positive for the virus, this whole degrees-of-separation domino effect will play out again. Which is why the NBA is proceeding with as much caution as possible. 

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