Coronavirus: Hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer planning to create face shields for medical professionals

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, hockey manufacturing company Bauer hadn’t been selling helmets and skates to those playing the sport. Instead, Bauer has decided to make medical shields that can be used by doctors, nurses, and first responders.

Bauer CEO Ed Kinnaly told ESPN that 100,000 shields were requested throughout Canada. The hockey company also wants to help in the United States as much as they can.

“In the U.S., honestly, the word is not out yet.” Kinnaly said. “We’ve been doing outreach to various medical entities….we’re also going to use our social channels to basically let the medical community know that we have the ability to produce these.”

Kinnaly revealed that the medical shields are won in addition to regular medical masks that cover the nose and mouth. In addition, the retail price of the medical shield is around $3 in the United States, which includes shipping costs. Considering that Bauer just wants to help, they’re keeping costs low and aren’t concerned with making a profit while the coronavirus continues to spread throughout North America.

Bauer has employees that work at facilities in Liverpool, New York and Blainville,  Quebec, but there are approximately just 20 at each facility. Kinnaly expects that number to rise since these medical shields are going to be in high demand for quite some time.

Bauer plans to sell the medical shields on a first-come, first-serve basis. Considering that the United States has been so heavily impacted by COVID-19, there’s likely going to be a lot of customers that will be looking to purchase the shields.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there have been at least 454,000 confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide, according to CBS News, and more than 20,000 people have died due to the virus. In addition, multiple states are under a state of emergency, politicians from the local to federal level along with public health officials are recommending large gatherings of people — including sporting events — be canceled or closed to the public.

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