Coronavirus: JJ Redick says NBA players want to finish season under ‘whatever form or shape’ it takes

April is a critical month for most NBA players. Around half of the league is gearing up for the postseason’s imminent arrival. The rest is playing its final games for the next six months. But this year, nobody is playing any basketball at all. The coronavirus forced the league into an indefinite hiatus that could potentially turn into a season canceled altogether. 

If the players have their way, though, that won’t be the case. New Orleans Pelicans guard JJ Redick appeared on ESPN’s “Get Up” Wednesday and explained that every player he has spoken with wants to finish the season, even if it can’t be done under normal circumstances. 

“Well we’re in sort of an unprecedented situation right now, so your normal choices are really off of the table, and we really have to explore everything in order to finish this season. The idea of 30 teams flying to 28 different markets to finish the season just seems entirely unrealistic at this point, so I know this idea of these sort of bubble cities is being floated. As a player, I just want to finish the season, whatever form or shape that is. We don’t expect to play in front of fans or anything like that, but we do want to finish this season and play as many games as possible.

“Everybody that I’ve talked to, everybody wants to finish the season,” Redick continued. “For us, I’ve talked to a bunch of my teammates from the Pelicans, we want to have some sort of regular season that gives us a chance to get the No. 8 seed and make the playoffs. Our worst-case scenario for an NBA season is that we jump right into the playoffs and we don’t get a chance to get that No. 8 seed.”

New Orleans, like a number of teams in the Western Conference, is currently locked in what would have been a tight battle for the No. 8 seed in the postseason, and while a true finish to the regular season is unlikely, Redick’s willingness to play out whatever plan the NBA comes to could still give his Pelicans a chance to reach the playoffs. Nothing is off of the table at the moment, and that could potentially include some sort of play-in tournament for final playoff spots. What form a potential NBA return could take is a complete mystery at the moment, but should it happen, it will come with the support of the players. 

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