Coronavirus: Manchester City’s Guardiola would rather have games called off than played behind closed doors

With soccer games around the world being called off or played without spectators due to the spread of the coronavirus, the Premier League and the English government has yet to make a decision as to what will happen in the country. Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola would rather have the league call off games than play behind closed doors. 

Several Champions League round of 16 second legs are going to be played behind closed doors including Wednesday’s PSG vs. Borussia Dortmund match. Spain’s La Liga has decided to play its next two weeks of games without fans while Italy has suspended all Serie A matches until April 3. 

“We are conscious of it because it has happened already in Italy,” Guardiola said, per ESPN. “The league is suspended, in Spain the next two weeks are behind closed doors. It is going to happen here. The tendency rises at the same level as Italy before and in Spain right now. The other issue you have to ask is it worse to play football without the spectators. We do our job for the people and if the people cannot come to watch us, there is no sense.

“I would not love to play matches in the Premier League or Champions League or the cups without the people. But we are going to follow the instructions of the governments. Everybody around the world is involved in that and we just follow what we have to do and follow the instructions.”

All of the Premier League games played last weekend included spectators as will Wednesday’s Arsenal and Manchester City match. There are eight rounds of matches remaining in the Premier League.

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