Coronavirus: NBA partners with Knicks and Nets to contribute one million masks to New York’s essential workers

The NBA, like the rest of the country, is still at a standstill with the coronavirus continuously spreading across the United States. Major league sports commissioners spoke with President Donald Trump on a conference call Saturday afternoon, but it provided no real insight on when leagues can pick back up and start playing again. However, there are much bigger concerns right now than when professional basketball games can resume. 

Healthcare workers and other people who have been deemed essential employees across the country are putting their lives on the line everyday by showing up to work without the proper personal protective equipment. Cities continue to fight for resources to combat the spread of COVID-19, and no place has felt the brunt of this pandemic more than New York. As of early Monday afternoon, New York has 130,689 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, and hospitals are continuing to run low on supplies. In response to the growing need of equipment in New York, the NBA, in partnership with the Knicks and Nets, decided to donate one million surgical masks to first responders in the state. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo thanked the league on Twitter.

In addition to donating masks, Nets owner Joe Tsai was also part of a group that donated 1,000 ventilators to New York that arrived on Saturday. Throughout this pandemic, teams in the league has contributed in some way to help those who have been affected by COVID-19. Franchises have put plans in place to help pay for the salaries of the employees at their respective arenas, while players have chipped in by paying out of pocket for salaries, providing meals for hospital workers and donating supplies.

The NBA has stepped up in a significant way to help those in their communities, and right now, that’s what’s needed while millions of Americans wait to see when a sense of normalcy returns.

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