Coronavirus: Three-time All-Pro Tony Boselli says he could ‘barely move’ nine days after feeling symptoms

Tony Boselli, one of the greatest offensive lineman of his era, recently spent five days in the hospital after his and his wife, Angie, tested positive for the coronavirus. While his wife never needed to be hospitalized and has made a full recovery, Boselli says that he is still in recovery after spending time in the ICU unit. 

Boselli, a five-time Pro Bowler and three-time All-Pro during his seven seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars, began to feel symptoms on the night of March 16 after a weekend on the golf course. He initially “just had a cold with mild congestion,” according to On March 18, he recalls waking up with a fever and “feeling lousier.” He then received a phone call informing him that he and his wife had recently been close to someone who had tested positive. Boselli, who tested positive on March 20, said he could “barely move” and felt wheezing in his chest nine days after initially feeling symptoms. 

Boselli then went to the Mayo Clinic, where a chest X-ray revealed low oxygen levels. He would remain at the hospital for the next five days before being released this past Monday. Boselli, who has lost two pounds since initially feeling symptoms, was hooked up two IVs during his time in the ICU. He also needed oxygen in order to “restore his breathing to a proper level.”

Shortly after testing positive, Boselli informed Sawgrass Country Club of his diagnosis. He didn’t decide to publicly address his condition until last Thursday, stating that his primary goal was on his health and properly protecting his wife and five children before going public. 

Boselli, who says that he is doing “much better,” is still working on getting his lungs completely back to normal. He added that he has no fever and that his cough is “under control.” In light of his situation, Boselli stresses that everyone takes the necessary steps and precautions to help stop the spread. 

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