Crazy College Scholarships You Never Knew Existed

In the world of education today, there is always a huge debate regarding the way college and attending a University can become so expensive. In recent years, it has become estimated that student loan debt has become as high as $1.3 trillion dollars. Not only is that a high number, but it has shown how much money is being borrowed to get into college. This is why so many programs have opened and paved the way for people who otherwise wouldn’t have qualified for a scholarship to receive one anyway. There are so many programs, schools, and new organizations that are enabling for people to receive a scholarship provided that they are different, unique, or just entirely crazy. Whether it’s a scholarship for pregnant teens or those who have weird talents, there are more crazy scholarships becoming available.

How Much Can Be Earned With These Weird Scholarships?

Most crazy scholarships usually aren’t full complete scholarships with tuition paid in full, but it’s very possible to receive anywhere between $500-$15,000 in a short period of time with these interesting scholarships. The opportunities are endless with new programs trying to help as many people as possible with their education.

What Kind Of Crazy Scholarships Are There?

There are many different scholarships for different people, like the ones that provide funding for young teens who got pregnant. However, it does get a bit weirder. For example, the American Nudist Research Library Scholarship provides future students to receive $1,000 for college if they decide to live in a nudist colony. There’s also money for Star Wars lovers. The Starfleet Academy Scholarship provides an active member in any high school program to receive $500 in scholarship money. If you happen to know a lot about common knowledge, there is money for you already. The Common Knowledge Challenges provides students with money ranging from $250 to $3,000 just for simply knowing a lot about common things.

How To Get Any Crazy Scholarships

The key is to research and to look for them. In fact, find something you genuinely love, search about it online to see if there are scholarships for those who love it, and see if there are any opportunities. You can also take note of the things you are naturally very talented in, and usually there could be a scholarship for it. Just a quick Google search is all you need to discover a scholarship for that weird talent you have or that subject or movie you love so much.

These crazy and downright weird scholarships are available for all students, and they can get even wackier if you take the time to look for them. Educate yourself about the programs you may qualify for, and be sure to find out exactly how to obtain the scholarship. Whether you bowl, have asthma, plan on taking design in college, have a twin, can sing exceptionally well, or you happen to be very tall, there is a scholarship out there that you qualify for. You just really need to find the right one that fits in to your life, so be sure to look for these unusual scholarships online.

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