Dallas Renegades mock Houston Astros by banging on trash cans during XFL game

The Houston Astros have been brunt of just about every joke as a result of the sign-stealing scandal that dominated the MLB offseason. However, now it’s trickling over to other sports in the city of Houston. During Sunday’s XFL game between the Dallas Renegades and Houston Roughnecks, the Renegades decided to poke a little bit of fun at the visiting Roughnecks.

Dallas had people banging on trash cans during timeouts to throw some shade towards the entire city of Houston.

The Renegades had someone banging on a trash can while “We Will Rock You” played throughout the stadium. Of course, it’s a small joke directed at the Roughnecks, since they also call Houston home.

That’s nothing compared to the likely backlash that the Astros are going to face when they go on the road once the 2020 regular season begins. The Astros have already had screaming fans booing Jose Altuve for his role in the scandal. In addition, fans have brought signs to games that read “Houston *’s” as a reference to the fact that some believe that the 2017 World Series title should be stripped from the Astros. That’s not to mention that Astros batter have been hit by multiple pitches so far in spring training.

While the Roughnecks may not have loved this, this is mild compared to what the Astros can expect for a long time to come.

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