Danica Patrick sends 400 popsicles to fan who expressed her love of Aaron Rodgers after surgery

Callie Kessler has been a Green Bay Packers fan since she was a baby and her fandom was never so clear as when she was just out of surgery, still a little loopy from the medication. The cheesehead from Connecticut woke up from having her tonsils removed and the only thing she wanted was for her “best friend,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers, to be there. 

Sadly, the Super Bowl champion is busy playing golf and enjoying his offseason, but he was still able to send her a “get well” gift with the help of his girlfriend, former professional driver Danica Patrick. 

After Kessler posted the video explaining how much she loves Rodgers, she got some online attention and eventually Patrick saw the clip. 

Kessler confessed, “I love him so much he’s my best friend,” and when asked by a family member her thoughts on their loss to the San Francisco 49ers she said, crying, “It’s okay it’s really hard being a Packers fan because we get so far and then it just doesn’t happen for us but Aaron Rodgers is the man he always will be and I love him.”

In one part of the video, No. 12’s No. 1 fan says, while eating a popsicle, “Aaron Rodgers, he would buy me 400 popsicles.

Well, that’s exactly what happened. 

Tagging Rodgers in the tweet, Patrick responded to the video saying, “We would like to buy you 400 popsicles. Dm your address. We hope you feel better, but if you don’t, the popsicles should help a little!”

Not long after, four boxes of popsicles showed up at Kessler’s door, who posted proudly in green and yellow gear with her gift from her favorite athlete. 

It’s not every day you get a delivery from two superstar athletes. 

Otter Pops also offered to send her 400 more in case that wasn’t enough. She is set for life. 

Rodgers is not the only Aaron on the team she appreciates. She gave Packers running back Aaron Jones a shoutout as well.

“And I love Aaron Jones,” she said, and got angry when people in the room questioned who he was. “Aaron Jones – you don’t know who that is?!”

Kessler told CBS Milwaukee after receiving the gift, “It’s honestly crazy, I did not expect that at all. It all feels so surreal but I’m so happy and a little bit embarrassed!”

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